Episode 0

Welcome to Fascinating? – A Star Trek Podcast

Welcome to Fascinating? – A Star Trek Podcast, with Gerry and Iain. Hosted by a long-term fan of Star Trek and a newcomer to the stories, the podcast takes an affectionate look back at the classic 60s original series – from the first mission to the last.


Hosted by the team behind The Columbo Podcast and The Fawlty Towers Podcast (amongst others), Fascinating? – A Star Trek Podcast looks back at each episode of the series to relive and enjoy them, but also to see how well they stand up for a twenty-first century audience.


We hope you enjoy the podcast and look forward to sharing our affection for Star Trek with you and receiving your feedback. There will be a post available for discussion of each episode here on the website and you can find us on Twitter , Instagram and Facebook too.